Courtney Nolan Smith, the most charismatic of the three featured singers, channels Betty Boop and Lucille Ball... Smith’s comic renditions delight the audience... Smith makes laughing easy. A highlight occurs when she entangles herself in a phone cord while singing “It Must Be Him.” ... Ebullient, sexy, and adroit, Smith is bold and delicious when the stage is all hers but also melds magnificently when the trio works in unison. — The Union Democrat

Faith, played by Courtney Nolan Smith, was a voice to be reckoned with, stunning the audience with her rendition of I Wanna Be Loved By You and pulling out all the stops with These Boots Were Made For Walking. — The Copper Gazette

Courtney Nolan Smith (Faith) has been cast with some of the best scene stealing songs and bits; and she nails the challenge. Her Betty Boop characterization is impeccable in “I Wanna Be Loved By You.” But more than just a solid character actress, Smith dazzles the audience with a compelling “As Long As He Needs Me.” — The Road to 1,000

Smith shows she's the belter in the group with her saucy rendition of Rita's Tune from Sweet Smell of Success. — The Cape Cod Times

The powerhouse voice of the group comes from Smith, a newcomer to the Sea Pines dinner revues. Hers is a voice that is almost too big for the small dining room. — The Cape Codder

A nice touch for this anniversary show is the appearance of a guest performer from past shows. This particular Sunday it was Courtney Nolan Smith from the 2007 troupe, a vivacious performer with a powerhouse voice. — The Cape Codder

All of these performers, along with Courtney Nolan Smith as Estelle, Jerry’s current girlfriend, are talented and attractive folks. They sing, they dance, they make you laugh. — Gail Sez

The women in this production soar, beginning with the song “It’s a Woman’s World.” Courtney Nolan Smith is a surprising presence as Estelle. — The Pittsfield Gazette

The song and dance numbers are impressive, with vocals that knock your socks off and choreography that dazzles. In “Gauguin’s Shoes” Courtney Nolan Smith (Mona) triumphantly masters the quick fire lyrics. The sensuous Smith was a standout in “Mona.” — The Cape Cod Chronicle

Courtney Nolan Smith makes the most of her minor role as the Aviatrix who flies in to save the wedding day in the cutesy number “I Do, I Do in the Sky.” — The Cape Codder

Courtney Nolan Smith as Estelle, Pam's ex-husband's occasional girlfriend, is just right. —

The talented young cast has some clear standouts... Courtney Nolan Smith, playing the sassy, party-girl birdie Mayzie, also has that perfect mixture of booming voice and comedic movement. Even in the many ensemble pieces, she shined. — The Cape Cod Times

It’s undeniable that the cast is a group of talented singers, but Courtney Nolan Smith truly shines in her OSTC debut. Her clear, powerful vocals fill the theater and her energetic dance moves will have your foot tapping along. She closes off the first act with a sweet, sentimental rendition of “I’ll Be Seeing You,” perfectly capturing the heart-wrenching misery of sending a lover off to war. — Rhode Island Monthly

Courtney Nolan Smith hit the high notes with ease! — Motif RI

Smith seems to be having a great deal of fun with the dance numbers, which are tight and evoke the grand musicals of a bygone era. — Edge on the Net

Gorgeous blonde Courtney displays her soprano voice in “I’ll Be Seeing You” and “In The Mood”. She also sings some scat in the jive numbers. — Dan Gillis' Little Rhody